Great content is what makes a new website shine.

ContentSifter helps you keep content-rich web projects on track

The elevator pitch

When you’re building a new website, pulling together content from disparate sources and keeping track of it is really hard.

Tools like Google Docs or Dropbox are brilliant for collaborating on content but not so good when you’re trying to keep track of it.

ContentSifter is a simple to use web-based tool which adds a workflow layer over the top of cloud services like Google Drive.

ContentSifter lets you carry on editing wherever you feel comfortable, and at the same time keeps track of content status and who is responsible.

How it works


Keep using the tools you love: sync with Google Drive. Dropbox coming soon.
A simple, understandable workflow to make your life easier
Give ContentSifter a web page address and we'll pull in and tidy any existing website content


Who is this for?

We've built ContentSifter to solve a problem that we have as a busy digital agency. So the obvious answer is: other agencies. However, we're really keen to get testing with anyone - freelancers, site owners, people who are wrangling content in one way or another.

Is ContentSifter WordPress only?

No, you can use it as a stand-alone platform to help you manage your content projects. But we've also built in a bunch of tools which talk to WordPress.


"It's brilliant. And simple. Brilliantly simple"